Buske Leadership Award

The Buske Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated commitment to the mission and goals of the Alliance for Community Media, leadership within the organization within the last three years, a high degree of involvement in the organization nationally, regionally and at the chapter level, and continuing service to the ACM.

Nominees must be an ACM member to qualify for this award.

2019 Winner: Anthony Riddle, BRIC 

Anthony Riddle has served in a variety of national leadership roles, including a life-long association with Public Access television. He previously served as Executive Director for three major market Public Access organizations— Atlanta’s People TV, Minneapolis Telecommunications Network, and Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Riddle represented the field in Washington, DC as the Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Media and later served as General Manager for Pacifica Network’s WBAI FM in New York. As a consultant, he set up the Media Justice Fund of the Funding Exchange and directed the renowned Maysles Institute for Albert Maysles in Harlem. Riddle also served on an international advisory panel set up by President Carter to assist the former Soviet States in establishing democratic media. Riddle is currently Vice-President of Community Media at BRIC in Brooklyn.

List of Winners by Year

2019 - Anthony Riddle, BRIC
2018 - Shelley Wolfe, PSTV
2017 - Ross Rowe, Village of Elk Grove
2016 – Rob Brading, Metro East Media
2015 – John Hauser, Access Humboldt
2014 – Antoine Haywood, Philadelphia Community Access Media (PhillyCAM)
2013 – Matt Schuster, TV Santa Barbara
2012 – Michael Wassenaar
2011 – Keri Stokstad, The Santa Barbara Channels
2010 – Colin Rhinesmith
2009 – Nancy Richard
2008 – Tom Bishop
2007 – Debra Rogers
2006 – Sean McLaughlin
2005 – Brian Wilson
2004 – Harry “Hap” Haasch
2003 – Ron Cooper, Access Sacramento
2002 – Eric Mollberg
2001 – John Donovan
2000 – Alan Bushong
1999 – Deb Vinsel
1998 – Steve Fortriede
1997 – Carl Kucharski
1996 – Hubert Jessup
1995 – Rika Welsh
1994 – Andrew Blau
1993 – Lynn Carillo-Cruse
1992 – Sharon Ingraham
1991 – Gerry Field
1990 – Chuck Sherwood
1989 – Dirk Koning
1988 – Jan Lesher Ireland
1987 – Sue Miller Buske