Weekly News From the President: Webinars, Policy and More

Thanks to everyone who attended our ACM Webinar on Closed Captioning Rules last week. If you missed it, here are some key takeaways:

You should determine if your organization or local government is exempt from the FCC’s closed captioning rules.
ACM will let you know about new reporting and certification requirements for all cable channels ()

Weekly News From the President: President’s Day Message

“With malice toward none, with charity for all…”  
I know you’ve heard the words that begin the end of Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, but listen to them on this President’s Day as you think about the work we do in our communities every day, as we create deliver media by and for the people.
Spoken ()

Weekly News From the President: FCC PETITION UPDATE

FCC Petition Update
I want to thank all our members who have filed in reply to our petition with the FCC to waive the requirement for access producers to register and certify yearly whether they are exempt from the Commission’s captioning rules.
Both large cities (like Boston and Los Angeles) and small communities are supporting the Petition, ()

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