Weekly News From the President: Net Neutrality Vote by FCC – Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s Child
Thursday was a crappy news day if you like independent and local media.
If you own Disney or Fox stock, are a telecom investor or cable operator, or own lots of broadcast licenses, you probably don’t share that opinion.
In one single day, the FCC vacated its Open Internet rules and threatened states and cities that ()

Weekly News From the President: Net Neutrality Vote is Thursday

The FCC will be holding their December open meeting this Thursday. It’s widely expected that the Pai Commission will overturn the current Net Neutrality rules on a partisan 3-2 vote.
What comes next?  Expect a series of lawsuits from a host of advocates civil rights groups, small businesses and even some ISPs, and a ruling in ()

Weekly News From the President: FCC Pushing Forward to End Net Neutrality

The hits just keep on coming from the FCC.  Over Thanksgiving the Commission announced its December agenda, which will push an effort to eliminate current Net Neutrality regulation AND preempt state and local efforts to enforce internet fairness regulations.
What’s especially infuriating about the Commission’s expected order is that the Commission’s leadership has said they will ()

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