Dirk Koning-George Stoney Humanistic Communication Award

The Dirk Koning – George Stoney Humanistic Communication Award is given annually to an organization or individual who has made an outstanding contribution to championing the growth and experience of humanistic community communications.

2021 Winner: peter albert williams, Northampton Open media

 Peter Albert Williams works at the intersection of community, art, and technology as Executive Director of Northampton Open Media (NOM), a forward-seeking community media organization whose projects have included Crowdsourced Cinema, co-founding of the Public VR Lab, the Northampton Film Festival, the Northampton Awesome Foundation, the 7 Day Film Sprint, Minecraft Northampton, Cinema Northampton, Paradise City Press, a production grants program, building a regional distribution network for community media centers, and others. NOM has won 39 national Hometown awards since 2011, and the student programs it supports have won 5 regional Emmy awards.

Al matriculated from university at Boston College where he earned a degree in philosophy with a concentration in writing and was a first-day dropout at Lewis and Clark Law School. He has served on the board of directors of Mass Access, the Northeast Region of the Alliance for Community Media, the national board of the Alliance for Community Media, and Holyoke Media, for whose establishment he was an initiator and founding force.

Al’s parents were gifted at being human, and a mathematician-artist and a master storyteller. His wife is Kathy Bisbee, an accomplished pioneer and groundbreaker in the field of community media. He was born in Detroit and has lived most of his life in Western Mass. He is a double-Taurus-Sagittarius-moon Taoist-Chistian-Pantheist-Agnostic stoic-epicurean phenomenologist. He is from the genetic H4a maternal haplogroup, and is half Lithuanian-American.

Al values play, results-oriented approaches, educated agility, and mistake-as-opportunity.  He sees meaning and understanding not as a passive process of deciphering but an active expression towards co-active creation. Al is a visual artist and musician who loves new mediums. Al loves beets.

View acceptance speech here.

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