Special Recognition Award

For the countless hours volunteered in support of Community Media.

About the Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is presented for someones outstanding contributions to the community media industry. Most ACM awards are annual, but this award appears infrequently, when the Awards Committee wishes to recognize someone for their honorable work supporting community media.

2017 Winner

Senator Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin U.S. Senator

Senator Tammy Baldwin is a Madison, Wisconsin native and became a member of the Dane County Board of Supervisors in 1986, where she saw firsthand the value of government access television by observing tireless coverage of every board meeting, making long weekday meetings accessible to every resident. Senator Baldwin spent the next six years in the Wisconsin State Assembly and then was elected to Congress. She spent fourteen years in the House and has served in the Senate since 2012. On June 8, 2006, Senator Baldwin addressed the House and conveyed to the body the devastating effects that H.R. 5252 (the Communications, Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement — COPE — Act of 2006) would have on community media centers. The COPE Act would have limited PEG fees to 1% of video gross revenues. She introduced the “Do No Harm” amendment to grandfather all financial and in-kind support for PEG access channels above the 1% level and entered into the record a chart created by the Alliance for Community Media that detailed how much 49 centers in 13 states would lose in PEG funding if the 1% restriction was put in place. Thankfully, the COPE Act did not pass and Wisconsin Community Media recognized the stand she took on our behalf by creating an award and bestowing on Senator Baldwin the first “Friend of Access” Award. (Sen. Baldwin received this award a second time in 2012.) Sen. Baldwin has never stopped using her position in Congress to advocate on behalf of PEG, and for community media advocates she is a reliable conduit to the federal legislative process. Since 2009, she has sponsored a version of the Community Access Preservation Act in every session of Congress. Throughout her many years in political life, from her time in county government in Madison to her current office in the US Senate, Senator Baldwin of Wisconsin has been and is a tireless and fearless champion for community media.

Previous Winners

2017 – Senator Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin U.S. Senator
2016 – Tillman Lay and James Horwood, Spiegel McDiarmid, Washington DC
2015 – Roger Hernandez, California Assemblymember