Special Recognition Award

For the countless hours volunteered in support of Community Media.

About the Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is presented for someones outstanding contributions to the community media industry. Most ACM awards are annual, but this award appears infrequently, when the Awards Committee wishes to recognize someone for their honorable work supporting community media.

2022 Winner: Joseph Van Eaton, Best Best & Krieger

After a long illness, Joseph Van Eaton of Best Best and Krieger passed away on Friday, June 10 .  You may not have known Joe, but all of us have benefitted from his long dedication to PEG access and community media across the United States.

Joe had worked as an attorney for municipalities and local interests for more than 40 years. He said that he liked working for the underdog.  He was a great advocate for community media and the public interest over that career – which included landmark free speech cases and a long string of victories for local communities.  

Joe served his clients diligently, but he always served the public good - and he did it with wry humor and a razor sharp intelligence.  Joe will be missed by many at ACM.

Previous Winners

2022 - Joseph Van Eaton 
2017 – Senator Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin U.S. Senator
2016 – Tillman Lay and James Horwood, Spiegel McDiarmid, Washington DC
2015 – Roger Hernandez, California Assemblymember