President's Message | june 23, 2020

ACM Workshop Series


My thanks to all the folks who joined us last week at our podcasting webinar and our partner presentation with Comrex.  We’ll continue the partner presentations this week on June 25 with NewTek. We will start our 2020 workshops on Wednesday with Tony Spearman-Leach leading a two-part session on writing case statements for fundraising.   

The partner presentations are free – but you have to sign up.   

The workshop is part of an overall package of sessions we are offering through 2020 – but you have to sign up. 

Do you see a trend in my messaging here?   

Next month in our workshops we’ll do advocacy training and discuss case studies for how to generate alternate revenue through your services.  They’ll both be great to help your organization in the months to come.

But you have to sign up here!

A big thank you goes out to our ACM Conference Sponsors for supporting our 2020 workshop series:  CableCast Media, Telvue, Key Code Media, LiveU and NewTek.  


ACM National Awards

Each year, we honor leaders in community media at our national conference. Starting this week, we’ll announce national award winners from across the country who have impressed us with their dedication, vision and leadership. This week we’ll announce the Koning-Stoney Award for Humanistic Communication.  Stay tuned!

water cooler anyone?

I’ll be back at the Water Cooler this week – Monday, Thursday and Friday at 5 pm ET (2pm PT/11am HT).  We usually spend a half-hour catching up on life or work or ups and downs. I’ll post coordinates on the ACM Listserv.  Hope to be seeing you! 

Mike Wassenaar

President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media