ACM Webinar: Rebranding and Building Relationships

Rebranding and Building Relationships for the Future: Our Journey to Engage our Community in Public Access


Wednesday, October 12
2 pm CT / 3 pm ET, 12 pm PT

Speaker: Amos Oaks, Knoxville Community Media

As a new director of a public access station, I am making a strong move to form alliances with other nonprofit groups to engage in collaborations in digital media, print media, performative and visual arts.  I am also re-branding our organization and, through those arts, building our foundation on storytelling.  Taking cues from wonderful organizations like BRIC, and my experience with theatre, visual arts, and  concert performance venues, I hope to change the perception of who we are in the community while holding on to everything that made us who we are through PEG.  I want to build real relationships in the community and embody the term "Access Center".  My talk would deliver my vision and ideas, encourage other access centers to be aggressive, and to hear what others are doing to achieve the same goals.
10/12/2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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