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Barbara Sue Chisholm
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Barbara Sue Chisholm
Excutive Director
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Barbara Chisholm has been involved in community media for over 25 years. She currently is the Executive Director of WACA TV. She served on the original Board of Directors of WACA TV and held the position of Treasurer. Barbara joined the staff of WACA TV as the Operations Manager, a position held for 10 years. During that time, she has overseen a number of major projects while increasing programming and community involvement and awareness. Barbara is proud to be a member of the ACM because it is a wonderful support system for community media centers across the country large and small assisting stations both educationally and legislatively.

board & Committee Participation

Committee NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
ACM Board of DirectorsVice Chair11/20/202312/1/2024
Foundation of ACM Board of DirectorsIEE Caucus Representative11/1/202211/30/2023
ACM Board of DirectorsIEE Caucus Representative11/16/202112/31/2022
Foundation of ACM Board of DirectorsIEE Caucus Representative1/1/202112/31/2022
ACM Board of DirectorsIEE Caucus Representative11/1/201911/1/2023
Bylaws Committee (Ad-Hoc)Member11/1/201811/1/2019
Foundation of ACM Board of DirectorsDirector11/1/201812/31/2021
Fund Dev CommitteeMember11/1/201811/1/2019
Nominations CommitteeChair5/1/201511/1/2019
Executive CommitteeIEE Caucus Representative11/1/201411/1/2019
Member RelationsMember11/1/201412/31/2014
Awards Committee (Ad-Hoc)Chair11/1/201411/1/2019
Fund Dev CommitteeMember1/1/201412/31/2015
ACM Board of DirectorsIEE Caucus Representative1/1/201411/1/2019
Executive Committee