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Jon Funfar
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Jon Funfar
Communications Program Manager
City of Pasco
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Jon Funfar is Communications Program Manager for the City of Pasco, Washington. As a one-person shop, he manages Pasco City Television, the City of Pasco website, City social media, and City print publications. A native of Enumclaw, Washington, where he was the City’s Media Services Manager from 2000-2011 and then relocated to Pasco. Jon was introduced to the ACM in 2001 by attending a Northwest Regional conference where he heard Dirk Koning speak and has subsequently been active in the ACM. Currently, he is Northwest Region Vice-Chair and the Regional Representative. Jon served as Chair for the National Board in 2016-2017, and brings his small-center community media experience to the ACM. He has also served as President and Secretary of WATOA. When not juggling those varied responsibilities, he enjoys spending time with his wife Julie, dog Bubba, friends, and appreciating living in the center of Washington wine country.

board & Committee Participation

Committee NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Board Dev CommitteeChair11/1/201711/1/2019
ACM Board of DirectorsBoard Chair11/1/201611/1/2017
Awards Committee (Ad-Hoc)Member11/1/201511/1/2019
Finance CommitteeMember11/1/201412/31/2015
Public PolicyMember11/1/201412/31/2014
Executive CommitteeChair11/1/201412/31/2014
Executive CommitteeVice Chair1/1/201412/31/2014
Public PolicyMember1/1/201412/31/2014
Member RelationsMember1/1/201412/31/2014
ACM Board of DirectorsChair Elect11/1/20131/1/2016
ACM Board of DirectorsNorthwest Regional Rep11/1/201311/1/2019