America’s Channels

For over 40 years, Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access channels have been America’s Channels.

We feature voices and perspectives of everyday Americans in big cities and small towns in all 50 states.

We support educational opportunities from school districts and colleges across the nation.

We give citizens and residents the ability to engage and oversee their local governments.

And we give local government the ability to reach the public in times of emergency and need.

Our channels are enshrined in the 1984 Cable Communications Act, which Congress set up to recognize local communities right to control their public rights-of-way and receive compensation and channels in return for a cable company’s license to use that public property.

As a result of the Act, thousands of local channels have been set up across the country: from Maui to Maine.  What unites each of those very different channels?  We are all devoted to the local information needs of local communities.

We are by, for and about our communities.  

As technologies and audiences change, so too have America’s Channels.

Yes, we are on cable, but we also produce local content that’s streamed live on the Internet and on over-the-top and on demand platforms.

We produce audio programs for radio and podcasting.  And we are beginning to produce Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality programs that help our communities learn, grow and achieve.

What can you do to make sure every American community has this voice in future?

  • Find out more about PEG Access in your community by emailing us at and work with that local channel to strengthen your community.

  • Tell your local city or county leaders that you want PEG Access in your community.  We’ll give you examples of how other cities and towns have made their channels a success.

  • Tell Congress that local PEG channels to be part of your community’s media future and that localism is important in the lives of Americans.  You can protect America’s Channels by reaching out today on our latest action.  Or call your US Senators at 202-224-3121 and US House Member at 202-225-3121.