Public Policy

ACM advocates on behalf our members and communities across the country to ensure that community media operations continue to serve local information needs.   Here are the active cases and issues we are monitoring and working on for our members:

The FCC’s Third Report and Order on Cable Franchising and the Protect Community Television Act

The FCC's US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit - City of Portland, Oregon

FCC & USA - City of Portland, Oregon

Petition on Closed Captioning Registration (FCC Docket No:  05-231)

MCAC v Halleck

NCTA v Frey 

FCC Abeyance Motion


ACM's President & CEO, Mike Wassenaar, writes a weekly messages to ACM members. These messages include advocacy and public policy topic points. The President's Messages are posted publicly and all are welcome to review the messages for up to date public policy initiatives.


Your contribution to the Public Policy Fund directly supports our efforts to advocate for our industry. Need an invoice? Email ACM Staff at

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