PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Novemeber 9, 2021
The City of Eugene, OR

The City of Eugene, OR is leading a coalition of communities to file a petition with the US Supreme Court to overturn part of the 6th Circuit decision in the cable franchising case from earlier this year against the FCC.  At issue is the status of the FCC’s “Mixed Use” rule, which preempted cities in Oregon like Eugene from charging a telecommunications tax on the broadband component of cable company operations.  

The FCC’s rule effectively gives cable operators a structural advantage over their telecom competitors so the company can either charge lower rates to consumers (ahem) or pocket the difference in costs. The Oregon Supreme Court had ruled against Comcast in earlier decisions, but the industry received a sympathetic ear at the Commission in the 2019 ruling on the matter.  

We think its important that local communities are treated fairly for the use of public property and rights-of-way – and ACM will be supporting local cities and towns asking the Supreme Court to hear the case later this year.  

You can find the petition to the Court here and we’ll keep you posted as the matter progresses. 


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Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Public Media 

An interesting and promising note from Virginia as Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Public Media have opened up a production space for members of the community to tell their own stories for free.  

I wonder what they will call it?  View article here.

Saturday Night Live

And it seems that Charter Spectrum are making a strong impression in NYC – just ask the cast of Saturday Night Live. 

Happy Monday!