Community Media DayRecap

It was great to see so many organizations around the country celebrating Community Media Day last week. There are too many to mention with open houses, community fests, proclamations and promotions.  If you have a few minutes, take a look at what BronxNet put together to celebrate the day – it’s almost like an annual report of all the great things community media can do locally. 

Thanks again for all the work you do to help your communities – and be sure to mark October 20, 2022 on your calendars!

Niskanen Center Report

An interesting report came out earlier this month from the Niskanen Center about the impact that local news and information – and its reduction in the last twenty years – has had on the nationalization of American politics.   

The researchers posit that investing in local media would have positive consequences on de-polarizing our politics.  

State PEG MeetUps

 If you’re in California or Michigan, join us for our state meet-ups later this week.  They’re meant for community media channels in those states to connect and share information and resources and build professional connections within each state.  

Wisconsin Community Media / ACM Midwest Conference 


I hope to see ACM members later this week in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Community Media/ ACM Midwest conference.  If you haven’t signed up for the event, there’s still time.  

Will you be joining us?  If so, register here.