PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE |August 23, 2021

Emerging Leaders Institute 

The days of summer are dwindling and I hope you are enjoying them as much as possible!  

Even so, I’d like you and other people in your community media organization to take a few moments away from relaxation to put in an application for this year’s Emerging Leaders Institute. 

The Institute is presented by the ACM Foundation – and this year will be expanding its virtual format to take place on four Fridays in October. Once again, it will be led by our colleagues Paula Manley and Toni Tabora Roberts.  

ELI is a great opportunity for development of people in our field who are considering their next step, or who are new to leadership.   The Foundation is devoted to the idea of developing future generations of leaders in community media and will be accepting applications for the Institute through September 1. 

Because of the support of donors from around the country, the cost of the Institute will only be $200.  

So if you’re considering leadership, or you know colleagues in your organization who would benefit from leadership development, apply today!  

FCC Update

President Biden earlier this summer called on all federal agencies to examine how their policies have systematically hurt communities of color, or have entrenched racial disparities or have promoted policies that deny equal opportunities.  

Will the FCC take this work on?  Since it’s an independent Federal agency, the President’s Executive Order can only urge and suggest the Commission take this work on.

Following a call by members of Congress for the FCC to assess the Commission’s role in promoting structural inequities, ACM is now partnering with organizations across the country to ask the FCC to consider how racial equity matters with its policy agenda.  

Between now and September 3, we’re asking folks to sign the following petition and promote it in your community.

The petitions will be delivered to the FCC next month.  Take a moment to let the FCC leadership know this is an important issue for your community!

Community Media Day

Today is also not too soon to start thinking about Community Media Day on Wednesday, October 20. 

The celebration is now in it’s fifth year (how did that happen?) and is a way to highlight the work in our communities you and your organization do every day.

In the past, organizations have held in-person and virtual events, created special programs and gotten state and local proclamations for the celebration. If you want ideas for how to celebrate 10/20, or to be recognized as a partner for the event, learn more here.