Washington, DC & FCC Chair

 Speculation in Washington, DC is a normal activity – but as the humidity and temperature goes up, so do the activity of the rumor mill.  So when we see a story about a consumer advocate and defender of Net Neutrality possibly in line to be nominated for the FCC Chair, it’s best not to get too breathless. 

That’s the case now with Gigi Sohn, who has a great record standing up for what’s right in telecom. Yes, I’d like her nomination, but then again it’s late July and I’d like to see ALMOST any nomination.  It’s the only way President Biden will be able to push forward his agenda with the FCC – which is an independent agency. 

That’s why we’re asking ACM members to share the joint letter we sent to the President with your members of Congress so they understand our concerns. You can find the letter here. 

Meanwhile, we note with interest that the Biden Administration has nominated top fundraiser and Comcast Executive David Cohen, as Ambassador to Canada. 


Enjoy Your Summer!

I’ll be taking a couple weeks off this summer to recharge the batteries and reset for the Fall.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy the rest of the summer!