PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | January 25, 2021

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel 


FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has been named Acting Chairwoman by the new Biden Administration. Rosenworcel has been at the Commission since 2012, and before that served in the US Senate as an advisor for Senators Jay Rockefeller and Daniel Inouye.  She’s focused her efforts at the FCC on addressing the Homework Gap – primarily by working to ensure that students and families have access to affordable broadband in order to succeed in the 21st Century. She’s also been a consistent critic of recent leadership at the Commission on issues such as Net Neutrality.  

Significantly, Chairwoman Rosenworcel has been an ally to community media and local government in past proceedings – and she is familiar with the services that ACM members provide communities. 
The questions now are first what she can change within the current administration of the Commission in her acting role – the Chair has the ability to organize and prioritize the work of the FCC - and how soon a third member of the Commission can be nominated by the Administration and approved by the US Senate.  

ACM is advocating the Biden Administration make the nomination with due haste so that it can move forward with an agenda that provides more broadband for more Americans, and uses the talents of local governments and PEG channels to ensure that all our residents have equitable access to information they need to stay healthy, stay connected to community, and succeed. 

Good luck, Chairwoman Rosenworcel!

Virtual Meetups
Thanks to folks in Maryland and Pennsylvania for joining in on our continuing Meetups.  It was great to hear success stories happening at the local level, to talk with folks about strategies and solutions to common problems on the calls and to meet new colleagues!

We’ll continue setting up new states in coming weeks – let us know at if you want one in your state. 

Here’s a list of upcoming Meet Ups:

California Thursday 3/11 @ 2pm PT 

Michigan Thursday 2/11 @ 10am ET  

Maryland Friday 4/9 @ 11am ET   

North Carolina Friday 4/2 @ Noon ET   

New York   Tuesday 2/2 @ Noon ET  
Oregon Monday 3/29 @ 2pm PT 

Pennsylvania Thursday 4/1 @ 11am ET 
Virginia Thursday 2/11 @ Noon ET 

Contact us at for meeting coordinates!