If you’re thinking about beginning a youth media program or fine-tuning the program you run, I’d like you to join ACM this Wednesday, November 18 as talk about approaches and design for youth media program work.   

We’ll be joined by folks from PhillyCAM and CCTV in Cambridge, MA about their work, and how they’ve been thinking about doing youth media under Covid-19 conditions.  Join us by registering here

This week’s workshop will be the last of our Stay at Home series for 2020.  We’ll be gearing up for more webinars and gatherings starting in 2021 – but before so, I want to thank all the vendors and sponsors who supported ACM’s educational work this year!  A big thank you to our sponsors, Cablecast Community Media, Telvue, KeyCode Media, NewTek and LiveU and to all the other partners who gave presentations this past year.  
As the dust clears slowly from the 2020 Elections, ACM is focusing on our advocacy work in the new year – and one thing is clear: We’ll have an opportunity to tell our story to new people at the FCC, in the White House and in Congress. 

But to do that, we need resources. That’s why our friends at Queens Public Television are issuing a challenge to ACM member organizations to contribute to our Public Policy and Legal Fund by year’s end to bolster us for the work ahead.  QPTV has staked a $10,000 challenge and is asking ACM member organizations to put up another $20,000 to fund next year’s work.  

Click here to make a donation directly to the Policy Fund – and if you’re organization wants to contribute and needs invoicing, contact us at 

Let’s meet that challenge and not leave that money on the table!  
Mike Wassenaar

President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media