President's Message | OCTOBER 19, 2020

Happy community media day!

It’s the fifth annual celebration of Community Media across the United States tomorrow, 10/20! Both Minnesota and Massachusetts have issued proclamations celebrating the day in each state.  

Whatever you’re doing on Community Media Day, be sure to share something on social media to celebrate and use the hashtags “#Celebrate1020” and “#CommunityMediaDay” 

One special note – PhillyCAM is kicking off its month-long People Powered Media Fest tomorrow with an online discussion called Community Media is Having a Moment, featuring research by Patricia Aufderheide, Antoine Haywood, Clemencia Rodriguez and Andrea Wentzel. They will talk about how community-based media can help in a time of national crisis. It will be live Tuesday, October 20 from 1pm-2pm ET. Click here to join. 

Community Partnerships in Times of Trauma & Beyond 

I’m really looking forward to this Wednesday’s “Stay at Home” Workshop on Community Partnerships in Times of Trauma and Beyond.  Our friends at BricArts Media in Brooklyn and SPNN in St Paul have put together a compelling presentation about how their partnership work has been affected by the multiple crises exposed and deepened by the Covid-19 pandemic.   

It will be a great discussion – but you have to register to be a part of it.  Click here to register for this and other workshops still in our 2020 series!  

Crowdsourced Cinema project – Cast Away

This week also marks the first premieres of this year’s Crowdsourced Cinema project – Cast Away. Our friends at Vermont Access Network have helped expand the project and are showcasing the group remake of the Tom Hanks classic on PEG channels around the state this weekend and at a Drive-In theater on Friday (that’s a very 2020 cinema solution for a meta-2020 film!).  The Media Factory in Burlington has information about the kick off here. 

Find out more about Crowdsourced Cinema (and see earlier productions from previous years) here. 

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media