Lorenzo Milam 

Community Media pioneer Lorenzo Milam died last month. If you don’t know his name, you should.  You’re working in the world he helped create. 

Both the New York Times and Reason posted interesting and compelling obituaries of this media visionary.   

Just as interesting and worth your time is the KRAB Nebula Archives devoted to the writing, and recordings from the early community radio effort in Seattle which has been off the air for 36 years now (how did that happen!).  Many of Milam’s essays are documented there.   

If you are devoted to the idea that every voice matters, or that media should be more than selling, you are living in Milam’s world. Some of the stupid puns don’t really endure (My first community radio job was at WORT – which was inspired by Milam and derived its name from a brewer’s metaphor. Many listeners thought the name related to unwanted skin tags).

Take a few minutes to look at the history, bumps and all.  It’s worth it.
IEE Caucus Upcoming Events! 
There are two Friday events I’d like you and other people in your organization to put on your calendars this week and next:  The Inclusion Equity and Engagement Caucus of the Alliance will be hosting a virtual event Friday, August 14 at 3 pm ET on Pursuing Racial Justice through Community Media featuring a keynote from BRIC President Kristen Newman-Scott and a panel of media practitioners devoted to the cause of making media and ending racial injustice in our communities. 

The following Friday, August 21 the Caucus will be holding its Annual meeting at 3 pm ET – and will review its business from the last year and set agendas for the coming one, including appointment of a representative to the ACM Board of Directors.     
Both events are free – but registration is required.  I hope you join us!
The Engaged Journalism Exchange 
I spoke last week with a group of journalists and academics interested in revitalizing and changing journalism in America to reflect our communities’ needs. The Engaged Journalism Exchange was organized by Andrea Wentzel of Temple University and Jacob Nelson of Arizona State University as part of the Association of Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) national conference. 
Prof. Nelson posted a nice recap you can find here. 

Prof. Wentzel has been doing some interesting work on community-centered journalism in Philadelphia and has just released a book about the subject and will be holding a book launch discussion with jesikah maria ross and others next on Monday, August 24 – check it out if you can and register here.  

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media