Democratic National Convention

I didn’t watch much of the Democratic National Convention last week, but the highlight for many people was the roll call of states from the nomination of Presidential candidates.  

Commentators were in awe of the incredible diversity of people and places represented on their television screens and cellphones. How extraordinary to see this at a national display! 

How extraordinary – to show the diversity of people in the United States as they wish to be seen.  

So I enjoyed the display, but I wasn’t shocked by it. It is what local community media does everyday in every state of the Union. It’s just shocking because national media revealed that they don’t represent the public through the exercise!

The other notable picture from the event for me was the switching room set up in director Glen Weiss’ living room.   

I love that the director isn’t wearing socks and shoes.

The American University Study on Covid-19 
In case you missed it, here’s a shareable link to the American University study on Covid-19 response by PEG stations across America. 

Stations in Vermont have already been sharing – two great editorials so far in local papers. 

Please share the report with your local contacts to publicize the work you and your colleagues are doing during the crisis.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media