President's Message | July 27, 2020


I received word last week that Susan Fleischmann, one of the quiet stars in the community media world – is retiring early next year as Executive Director of CCTV in Cambridge, MA. 

For many years when I was running the facility in Saint Paul, I’d call Susan – and she always seemed surprised.  More than anything, I wanted to see what was happening in Cambridge, and see how Susan and the CCTV crew were anticipating the future and helping Cantabrigians understand their world.

When you look at the body of work that CCTV has done, it’s impressive.  Innovating programs, creating local news, providing digital access and literacy, diversifying revenue and distribution have all been hallmarks of her work there.  

But Susan always seemed surprised because she is a leader who doesn’t seek publicity and is a self-avowed introvert. She simply has gone about making her operation important in the lives of locals.  You can see it with this local map of their media coverage of life in their town

CCTV is starting their search for a new Executive Director, but for now let’s congratulate Susan on her exemplary service. CCTV’s success is not a surprise in my mind. 


The Inclusion, Equity and Engagement Committee (IEE) invites you to an important discussion about the importance of media influences in the social and racial justice movements and what is being done across the country in various community-based media organizations. 

The keynote address will be given by:
• Kristina Newman-Scott, BRIC President

Panelists include: 
• Steven Renderos, Executive Director of MediaJustice
• Crystal Haynes, reporter at Boston 25 News
• KatMeow García, Community Media Advocacy Manager at Open Signal
• Gabe Castro, Programming & Production Coordinator at PhillyCam.

The keynote and panel discussion will be moderated by Richard Turner, Executive Director at Carroll Media Center via Zoom on Friday, August 14, 2020, 3PM ET, and will be followed by the annual meeting of the IEE Caucus.  

This virtual event is free and open to all, however only active Alliance for Community Media (ACM) members will be able to participate in the annual vote on business items during the meeting portion of the event.

Register here.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Inclusion, Equity and Engagement Committee Team
Alliance for Community Media


Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media