President's Message | December 10, 2019

ACM Webinars in 2020

ACM will start its webinar calendar next month and hold monthly webinars throughout 2020 on the Third Wednesday of each month at 3pm ET.  Here’s a quick look at what you can expect early next year:
January 15:  Preparing for 2020 Election Coverage
February 19: Local Journalism Collaborations
March 18: Best Underwriting Practices
April 15:  Earned Income Projects
May 20: Podcasting and Building a Podcast Studio

We’re putting the finishing touches on the rest of the 2020 schedule – if there are areas you’re interested learning about on one our webinars, let us know at

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made contributions to the ACM Foundation for next year’s Emerging Leaders Institute on Giving Tuesday! We received close to $1,600 in gifts that day – so we are extending our deadline to year-end on 12/31 with a goal of $3,000 in gifts; which will unlock another $1,500 in matching donations from other ACM members! Your gift to the Foundation is tax deductible – and is deeply appreciated. Donate here.

 Mike Wassenaar
ACM President & CEO