President's Message | November 4, 2019

ACM North East Conference Recap

I’m just back from the ACM North East Conference which took place last week in Portland ME.  It was a great event in all sorts of ways – presentations from vendors, a keynote from Maine artist Robert Shetterly about his portraits of freedom (Americans Who Tell the Truth ), and new connections with colleagues through the region.  Oh, and the lobster was superb!

An unexpected surprise was the donation of $5,000 from TelVue Corporation to ACM’s Public Policy and Legal campaign – we are trying to raise $20,000 in organizational donations to support our legal and policy work defending PEG channels in Washington DC and in states like Maine.    My heartfelt thanks go out to TelVue and to all the organizations who are stepping up with donations to the campaign this fall!

Charlie Paige from TelVue presents a donation to ACM’s Public Policy and Legal Campaign

My former colleague Mary Alice Crim is now doing organizing work with the Sierra Club and put together a great resource list for one of the sessions on leadership and change management at the Conference.  She created a Google Doc of links here.
I want to send my appreciation to all the regional volunteers who put on the Conference and to the speakers, vendors and sponsors of the Conference (Comrex, Castus and CableCast Community Media) for making the event a success!   

ACM Public Policy Call Reminder

A quick reminder – the monthly ACM Public Policy Call takes place this Thursday at 4pm ET/1pm PT.    The call is available to all members and people in member organizations, so let me know if you’re interested in getting the call information or recordings of the conversation if you can’t make the time of the call.  And if you have questions or topics you want discussed, let me know by email at

Mike Wassenaar
ACM President & CEO