More Senators Issue Letters of Opposition on Proposed Rules of Cable Franchising 

The FCC passed its Third Report and Order on Cable Franchising on Thursday – and while the results of the 3-2 vote were not surprising, the statements coming from the majority members of the Commission were at times alarming, arrogant and disingenuous. 

In the eyes of one Commissioner, local governments are criminals and have all the power over cable companies, in another they are somehow lowering cable fees to consumers (which is not in the Order) and using trickle-down economics to promote broadband; and in the third, 35 years of cable practice following Congress’ intent in America somehow isn’t the law because the law is what he says it is.

If there weren’t other outrageous things happening every day in America, I’d be outraged. I think like many folks I have outrage fatigue. So, instead I’m channeling my energy into practical actions.

ACM will be helping our members analyze impacts of the Order which will be effective sometime in September.  You can join us this Thursday, August 8 at 4:00 pm ET on our Public Policy Call to talk about what the ruling means in your community.  Email me if you are not regularly on the call at if you want to join us.

ACM will be conferring with partners across the country about possible legal action challenging the rule which clearly ignores Congressional intent that franchise fees are “monetary”. 

ACM will continue work helping members figure our strategies for success in challenging times – including diverse revenue strategies.  Our next webinars will start in September.

ACM will continue to advocate in Congress.  There are now 63 members of Congress who oppose the rule and several others who are asking about ways to counter its effects.

ACM will continue to do media work promoting our interests – Antoine Haywood led a panel discussion with key allies last week at DCTV as one of the last acts of his summer internship with us.  I will be on Young Turks Monday, August 5 (tonight) at 8pm ET to talk about the Order.  Please also distribute our press releases to local media contacts you have as we continue our advocacy work on your behalf.

If you want some less outrageous reading from the FCC, turn to the dissents in the Order from Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel who is concerned about the local impacts on media from the ruling, and Commissioner Geoffrey Starks who believes the Order flouts the law and will be overturned in Court.  

And let’s keep moving forward!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media