President's Message | July 1, 2019

ACM National Conference is One Week Away! 

We're a week away from the ACM National Conference in Portland, OR. Here's a couple quick notes as we count down the days to #ACMPDX:
When you register, be sure to also sign up on our online scheduler to see speaker information and schedules for the Conference.
If you've never attended the Conference before, be sure to join us for the First Timers Orientation on Wednesday - it's a great way to build some connections and meet people within ACM.
The registration for the Emerging Leaders Institute on Monday and Tuesday is now closed.  We'll share updates on the Institute at the Conference.
There is still time to set up Birds of a Feather sessions during the Conference - if you have an idea this week, contact Katie Benson at

Be sure to spend time with vendors and sponsors during Wednesday and Thursday - these are companies that care about the success of community media and are interested in helping you make good decisions to help you achieve our mission.  Thank them for joining us and find out what they are doing!

And most of all, take time to meet your colleagues from around the country - people who share a sense of mission and vision, even though you may not know them yet!

When I attended my first National Conference in Tacoma WA in 2003, I really had only met one colleague from outside the Twin Cities.  But over time, and with the help of the Alliance for Community Media, I came to realize that I was part of a much larger community of colleagues and friends.

So please, enjoy Portland (and the weather, which will be fantastic).  Explore neighborhoods and take a road trip to a winery or the ocean or a nearby volcano.  But find some community there as well.

Happy Fourth of July   

I hope you'll also have a great Fourth of July this Thursday - our offices will be closed that day and there will be no Public Policy Call that afternoon.  
Enjoy the holiday and I hope to see you next week at #ACMPDX!