ACM Mentor Network

Looking for some answers, but don’t know where to turn? Do you wish someone was there to show you the ropes or be a sounding board when you need it? Are you interested in expanding personal development and professional networking opportunities for yourself or your staff? Or are you looking for a way to deepen your commitment to the community media field, but don’t know who needs your help?

The Alliance for Community Media supports community media practitioners at all levels across the United States. As a network of local media leaders, producers, technicians and educators,  we want to grow and  strengthen those in our network for the future of the field. That is why we’re introducing the ACM Mentor Network.

THE  IDEA  IS  SIMPLE:  The  ACM  has  connections  with  community  media  practitioners  throughout  the  United  States,  some  with  decades  of  valuable  experience.  We  also  see  new  people  entering  the  field  every  year  with  all  levels  of  experience.  To  grow  better  leaders  and  innovators, we want to spark and strengthen connections through the mentoring experience.

How To Participate:

  • Commit to one monthly one-hour phone call or in-person meeting over the course of one year
  • Mentors field any question from their mentees in a confidential setting, with the promise to listen, relate their experiences, and share perspectives on how to solve problems, lead projects, or just deal with work life balance

The program helps our member organizations deepen the training and development of their staff and accelerates their growth as leaders and learners. It also helps  seasoned community media practitioners pass   on important experience for the future of the field.

ACM Mentor Network is a way for members to mentor or be mentored within our community. Members who apply will be matched with professionals around the country to share expertise and/or get advice in a confidential setting.

Apply or find out more detailed information:

Mentor Network Application

*Mentor Network is only available to Supporter, Individual and Organizational members.