TelVue® Corporation is a broadcast technology innovator and leader in high quality, cost-effective community and hyperlocal television broadcast delivery. Founded on a belief that innovation in digital media technology is critical to ensuring ongoing community access and use of broadcast media for the advancement of democratic ideals, TelVue today powers over 2500 channels, and serves over 50 million households nationally.TelVue also realizes that these same innovations in broadcast technology and delivery can be leveraged to cost-effectively educate, enrich, and train the next generation of media professionals. Today TelVue powers both K-12 and University campus broadcast programs, delivering student generated programming to over three million students nationally.In addition to PEG, K-12 and university broadcasters, TelVue provides innovative and cost-effective broadcast technology solutions to Cable, Telco, and Professional Broadcasters serving the hyperlocal and community broadcast market. TelVue’s professional quality equipment and services — including digital video servers, live internet streaming and Video on Demand (VOD), and web-based digital signage applications — enable our customers to dramatically improve and enhance their local channel programming, reduce costs, and be better positioned to meet the new challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.
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