Sweet Home, Stay at home workshops part 2! 

ACM’s Sweet Home , Stay at Home Workshop Series has been developed as intensive, interactive and informative sessions to cover a variety of topics and issues important to your career, your stations and our industry. Now is a great time to get registered and take advantage of the Part 2 pricing!  If you are currently registered for the workshop series, you DO NOT need to register again. 

Full Workshop Series: $125 Members  (Formerly $250) 
Full Workshop Series $185 Nonmembers (Formerly $375) 
Individual Sessions: $60 

Upcoming Session Titles: 
Wednesdays at 3 pm Eastern Time

-Youth Program Design - Wednesday, November 18

Organization Discount: a 20% discount will be available per person for four or more attendees. To sign up as an organization, please contact Megan at mdobberstein@allcommunitymedia.org 

To complement the Workshop series, ACM will also provide a platform presentations by partners.  

Partner Presentations - Dates/Times:  Thursdays at 3:00 pm ET
Cost:  View pricing


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Register someone else online from your online account. 
Our website allows users to register and pay for multiple individuals from their account. Here's how it works:

  • Selecting an existing contact
    • This option is for anyone who has a record in the ACM database (member, past member, non member).
    • The user who is signed in must be listed as the Company Administrator for individual's company they are registering on behalf of.  Review the Company Administrator page for a full explanation of this role. To become a company administrator for your company, have the current primary contact notify staff at info@allcommunitymedia.org that these permissions are allowed.  
    • The user account of the individual to be registered must be completely tied to the company's record. If someone has a history with ACM, but changed companies, their record might be outdated.
  • Adding a new contact
    • This is for someone new to community media, or completely new to ACM.
    • Adding a new contact will not show member pricing until approved by staff. 
  • Complete your registration through the cart at the top of the page.
  • Cost: Full Workshop Series: $250 Members & $375 Nonmembers
  • Organization Discount: a 20% discount will be available per person for four or more attendees. To sign up as an organization, please contact Megan at mdobberstein@allcommunitymedia.org
  • Cost: Partner Presentations: $0

Sweet Home, Stay At Home Workshop Series

Sweet Home, Stay at Home ACM is happy to announce the roll out of a workshop series which we are confident conference attendees will find useful in their work in community media. Please refrain from having multiple attendees per registration.  The fees collected help keep ACM running effectively for members.  We respectfully ask you to not share the Workshop Series link with others in your organization.
6/30/2020 - 11/26/2020

Additional Events & Activities

Thursday, 22 October 2020

CASTUS Cloud Services This presentation will cover Video On Demand with monetization, Closed Captioning - live and offline, STREAM - connect Zoom meetings, a mobile app for your station, and more!
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
10/22/2020 3:00 PM

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