Re-visioning Community Media Centers- Building Relevance and Sustainability

July 7, 3-4 pm ET; Parts 2&3  July 14, 3-630 pm ET

Community Media Centers must operate at the convergence of technological change and local communication needs in order to stay relevant and financially sustainable.  We’ll examine what it takes to create a road map for the future.  In part one of this three-part seminar you learn about a planning process designed specifically for CMC’s that can help build relevance for a community media center, raise community awareness for the organization, examine board and governance changes that maybe needed, and build long term financial stability.   Part two and three will focus on financial sustainability while staying true to the organizations’ mission and dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on funding.  We will explore six different categories of non-cable funding that have been successfully implemented in a variety of different size community as well as the similarities and differences between small, medium, and large and rural, urban, and suburban.

Facilitators:  Sue Buske, The Buske Group; Rory O’Farrell, Tahoe Truckee Media; Cor Trowbridge, Brattleboro Community Television; Stacy Higa, Na Leo TV;  Bobby Chastain, Silicon Valley Community Media; Chad Johnston, CreaTV; Susan Fleischmann, Cambridge Community TV; Beth George, E.D. Itasca Community Television; Deborah Vinsel, E.D. Thurston Community Media