President's Messages

Weekly updates from President & CEO Mike Wassenaar.

ACM North East Conference Recap

I’m just back from the ACM North East Conference which took place last week in Portland ME. It was a great event in all sorts of ways – presentations from vendors, a keynote from Maine artist Robert Shetterly about his portraits of freedom (American

ACM Joins Others for FCC Appeal

The Alliance for Community Media joined with municipalities, cable commissions and other groups to file an appeal of the FCC’s so-called “in-kind” order on cable franchising this last week in DC District Court. We expect that other cities and count

ACM Community News

The Central States Conference and Philo Awards just wrapped up this past week at WKTV Community Media in Wyoming Michigan. The star of the event was WKTV itself. I’ve been to neighboring GRCMC in Grand Rapids but have never tak

Motion Filed for FCC to Stay Cable Franchising Order

Our colleagues at NATOA along with the National League of Cities, US Conference of Mayors, and several other municipal associations filed a motion with the FCC to stay its cable franchising order this last week

ACM Supports State of Maine in NCTA v Frey

ACM has filed an amicus brief in court supporting the State of Maine as it fights the national cable industry to ensure that PEG channels are not subject to discrimination by cable providers.

Organizational Change in Community Media

I’m passing on a couple of interesting stories about organizational change in community media – and wonder if similar stories lie ahead.

A Look Into Maine's Fight Against the Cable Industry

Does the First Amendment give cable companies the right to degrade signals from community PEG channels to make them unwatchable? Or to eliminate or rewrite program information about the channels themselves? We don’t think so.

Ideas for Chicago?

Now’s the time to start looking ahead to next summer’s ACM Conference in Chicago, IL, June 29-July 2. Do you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to see? Want to hear from an inspiring speaker? Have a technology you’d like to evaluate or a vendor y

Weekly President's Messages Returning Next Week

Weekly messages from ACM President, Mike Wassenaar, will return next week.

FCC passes Third Report and Order on Cable Franchising

The FCC passed its Third Report and Order on Cable Franchising on Thursday – and while the results of the 3-2 vote were not surprising, the statements coming from the majority members of the Commission were at times alarming, arrogant and disingenuou

More Senators Issue Letters of Opposition on Proposed Rules of Cable Franchising

Late last week Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) issued a letter opposing the FCC’s proposed rules on cable franchising because of the costs that will shift to local governments that rely on Institutional Networks.

FCC Deadline Approaches

This Thursday 7/25 is the deadline for ex parte comments and letters to the FCC about the proposed rules on cable franchising that we expect will be voted on August 1. That means we just have a few days for members of Congress to express their conce

#ACMPDX: New Paths Conference Recap

I’m just getting back from a very fulfilling and exciting week at the ACM National Conference in Portland, OR. One of the highlights for me was the conversation with Jesse Hardman of Listening Post Collective, Andrea Faye Hart of City Bureau and

#ACMPDX week is here!

We’re already beginning the action at the ACM National Conference with the Emerging Leaders Institute kicking off this morning.

ACM National Conference is One Week Away!

We're a week away from the ACM National Conference in Portland, OR. Here's a couple quick notes as we count down the days to #ACMPDX:

FCC Cable Franchise Rule-Making Updates

There is a strong possibility that the FCC will issue an order in the cable franchise rule-making at its August 1, 2019 meeting. We will know the agenda of the meeting sometime during the second week of July, and if the item will be heard at that me

Supreme Court Makes Ruling in MCAC vs Halleck: What does it mean for your station?

The US Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote written by Justice Brett Kavanaugh ruled Monday morning that a private operator of a public access channel was not a state actor for the purposes of First Amendment restraint on speech, and remanded the case to Dist

Free Press President Calls Out FCC's Action in Cable Franchising

In case you missed it, Free Press President & CEO Craig Aaron gave a stirring defense of community media and called out the FCC's action in the FNPRM of cable franchising at last week's Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the state of the video mark

Anti-Discrimination Bill Protecting PEG Access Channels Passes Legislation

Some good news from Maine this past week: LD 1371, an anti-discrimination bill that protects PEG Access channels has passed out of the Legislature with overwhelming support and now awaits approval by the state's governor. The bill has been champione

Birds of a Feather Sessions

One of the great benefits of gathering with colleagues at the ACM National Conference is the informal learning that takes place. This year in Portland, we'll continue the process with our Birds of A Feather sessions.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship Winners

Congratulations are due to the winners of the ACM Foundation's scholarship to the Emerging Leadership Institute taking place at this year's ACM National Conference in Portland, OR. The Foundation will be supporting travel costs and education costs fo

2020 Census Projects

Is your station involved in an outreach project for the 2020 Census? Or are you partnering with local and state government to get information about the Census out to the communities you serve?


I hope you're beginning to plan your time at the ACM National Conference in Portland OR (#ACMPDX) - Early Bird Registration for the conference is open now. There are a few things you should know about this year's Conference.

FCC Update

Another week, another letter from Congress to the FCC about their not-so-kind "in-kind" rule making.

Video from Community Media Center to Congress

Kudos to Erich Archer of 1623 Studios in Cape Ann, MA for producing a great video asking Congress to stop the FCC's FNPRM on so-called "in-kind" services. Erich produced the video to share with communities across the country, so please use it on you