President's Messages

Weekly updates from President & CEO Mike Wassenaar.

Lorenzo Milam, IEE Caucus Upcoming Events, The Engaged Journalism Exchange

There are two Friday events I’d like you and other people in your organization to put on your calendars this week and next: The Inclusion Equity and Engagement Caucus of the Alliance will be hosting a virtual event Friday, August 14 at 3 pm ET

Emerging Leaders Institute Rep. Donald Payne Jr. & Cast your vote today!

The ACM Foundation is continuing its commitment to developing new leaders for the next generation of community media practice.

Susan Fleischmann, IEE Annual Meeting

I received word last week that Susan Fleischmann, one of the quiet stars in the community media world – is retiring early next year as Executive Director of CCTV in Cambridge, MAtogether for the Hometowns in Chicago, we wanted to bring people togethe

Documenting COVID-19, FCC Update, jesikah maria ross, & KatMeow Garcia's ACM Award

How are you documenting your organization’s response to Covid-19? Here’s a great way to do it: Create content. Adam McCune at Goffstown TV in Goffstown, NH told that story for his community and it’s a heartfelt and well done eight minute vi

Hometown Media Awards Recap, Thursday's FCC Open Meeting & Matt Sullivan's Award

Major kudos go to everyone who made last week’s Hometown Awards Watch Party a success – Deb Vinsel, Stephanie Purcel, Kim Gilsrud, Alease Annan, Michele Alimoradi, Tony Campos, Scott Mercer and Jena Arcangel Miller all worked to make the party a fun

Mark Glaser, ACM Sweet Home, Stay at Home, Rep. Nita Lowey, Mary Van Sickle & HMA Watch Party

Many observers have talked about how the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified conditions of inequality that already exist in America.

Hometown Media Awards Virtual Watch Party & ACM's Annual Meeting

I brushed off my tux and got together with friends from across the United States last week to record a virtual Hometown Media Awards. We figured since we would not be together for the Hometowns in Chicago, we wanted to bring people together to sho

Sign up for Sweet Home, Stay at Home, ACM National Awards and Water Cooler Anyone?

My thanks to all the folks who joined us last week at our podcasting webinar and our partner presentation with Comrex. We’ll continue the partner presentations this week on June 25 with NewTek. We will start our 2020 workshops on Wednesday with Tony

Sweet Home Stay at Home, Academic Survey, Re-Opening Conversation, Summer Intern, HMA

Registration is now open for our virtual conference workshops and presentations – we’re calling it Sweet Home/Stay at Home. We’ll be featuring partner presentations from exhibitors starting in July and will feature 10 workshops and seminars for virtu

Annual Conference Update, Filed Suite against the FCC & Reopening Plans

After a lot of discussion and deliberation, the Alliance for Community Media and our Foundation decided to cancel our National Conference which was set for Chicago this summer. We will return to Chicago in a future year.

State of the Industry Survey & COVID-19 Impacts

We’ve gotten results of our flash poll of how ACM members are weathering the Covid-19 crisis. Here’s a look:

US Senate Back to Work & QCTV's Work During COVID-19

The US Senate has returned to work in Washington DC today – and now is as good a time as any to remind your US Senators of the value of the work your organization is doing during the Covid-19 outbreak to help people on a day-to-day basis – and to ask

PEN America & Media Centers During COVID-19

ACM has joined a coalition effort to preserve local media during the Covid-19 pandemic. Led by PEN America, the effort is asking the Federal Government and state governments to fund efforts to ensure that local media and journalism is not wiped out

PEG Channels Responding to Local Needs & April Webinar Recaps

One of the most encouraging things I’ve seen from the Covid-19 crisis is how PEG organizations are responding to local needs – it’s a part of our DNA. The immediacy of the crisis has spurred innovation across the country.

Work going on in Community Media during the COVID-19 Crisis

Covid-19 has become a part of lives and impacts how we interact with our families to how we deliver important information concerning our communities

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Upcoming Webinars & Around the Watercooler

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA) has become the 35th co-sponsor of the Protecting Community Television Act (HR 5659) in the US House of Representatives. If there was ever a time to remind Members of Congress about why it is important to support community te

Access Channels Prepare, React and Step up to New Challenges

As the Covid-19 emergency affects more and more communities in the United States, we are seeing access channels prepare, react and step up to the challenges. Here are some of the examples we are seeing:

ACM Covid-19, NCTA v Frey, 6th Circuit Court & Diane Feinstein

I’ve been documenting responses of ACM members to the Covid-19 emergency as the situation develops day by day and in communities across the country. Here are some things that we’re seeing:

ACM Listserv & Scholarship Opportunities

And that deadline is today for entering the Hometown Media Awards – the largest celebration of the excellent work that PEG channels do every day in America.

March Comes in with a Deadline

And that deadline is today for entering the Hometown Media Awards – the largest celebration of the excellent work that PEG channels do every day in America.

ACM Webinar & ACM West Updates

You may have seen the news that ACM North East Chair Erica Jones is leaving her position at Somerville Media Center and will be saying farewell to volunteering with the Region in coming days.

ACM West Conference This Week

I hope to see you in Monterey, CA this week at the ACM West Conference. The schedule looks impressive and I’ll be speaking Wednesday morning about Federal and State public policy challenges for our members.

FCC Update

There’s a push in Congress now to correct the damage the FCC is trying to wreak on local communities and PEG channels – and it’s founded in the conservative notion that Congress makes the law, not administrative agencies.

January Updates for ACM

On this Martin Luther King Jr Day, my words cannot capture the spirit of the revolutionary leader we are supposed to be commemorating. So instead, let me ask you to take some time to reflect and be inspired by his own words.

Congratulations Alan Bushong

What song are you going to sing with Alan Bushong? Alan’s retiring this year after 30 years of service as Executive Director of CCTV in Salem, Oregon this year. Before that, Alan was a formative presence at what was Austin Community Television i