President's Messages

Weekly updates from President & CEO Mike Wassenaar.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Upcoming Webinars & Around the Watercooler

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA) has become the 35th co-sponsor of the Protecting Community Television Act (HR 5659) in the US House of Representatives. If there was ever a time to remind Members of Congress about why it is important to support community te

Access Channels Prepare, React and Step up to New Challenges

As the Covid-19 emergency affects more and more communities in the United States, we are seeing access channels prepare, react and step up to the challenges. Here are some of the examples we are seeing:

ACM Covid-19, NCTA v Frey, 6th Circuit Court & Diane Feinstein

I’ve been documenting responses of ACM members to the Covid-19 emergency as the situation develops day by day and in communities across the country. Here are some things that we’re seeing:

ACM Listserv & Scholarship Opportunities

And that deadline is today for entering the Hometown Media Awards – the largest celebration of the excellent work that PEG channels do every day in America.

March Comes in with a Deadline

And that deadline is today for entering the Hometown Media Awards – the largest celebration of the excellent work that PEG channels do every day in America.

ACM Webinar & ACM West Updates

You may have seen the news that ACM North East Chair Erica Jones is leaving her position at Somerville Media Center and will be saying farewell to volunteering with the Region in coming days.

ACM West Conference This Week

I hope to see you in Monterey, CA this week at the ACM West Conference. The schedule looks impressive and I’ll be speaking Wednesday morning about Federal and State public policy challenges for our members.

FCC Update

There’s a push in Congress now to correct the damage the FCC is trying to wreak on local communities and PEG channels – and it’s founded in the conservative notion that Congress makes the law, not administrative agencies.

January Updates for ACM

On this Martin Luther King Jr Day, my words cannot capture the spirit of the revolutionary leader we are supposed to be commemorating. So instead, let me ask you to take some time to reflect and be inspired by his own words.

Congratulations Alan Bushong

What song are you going to sing with Alan Bushong? Alan’s retiring this year after 30 years of service as Executive Director of CCTV in Salem, Oregon this year. Before that, Alan was a formative presence at what was Austin Community Television i

ACM Webinar on January 15

I hope you'll join me on Wednesday, January 15 (3PM ET) on the first ACM webinar of 2020. We'll discuss election programming and political candidate policies prior to the 2020 elections.

2020 is Almost Here!

We’re almost to 2020, and I want to urge you to consider two last minute opportunities – literally you can do this up until the last minute of 2019!

Happy Holidays from ACM

As we near the end of the year, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday. This time of year, is for family, reflection and renewal – things slow down and people take the time to be with the ones they love and send regards to those who are far away.

Preparing for the 2020 Elections

Are you preparing for the 2020 Elections? While other media may be fixated on the Presidential election next year, local election coverage is one of the essential services that PEG channels can provide. And if you do it right, it can help you tell

ACM Webinars in 2020

ACM will start its webinar calendar next month and hold monthly webinars throughout 2020 on the Third Wednesday of each month at 3pm ET.

FCC Updates & Giving Tuesday

A couple quick updates in the fight against the FCC’s Third Report and Order on Cable Franchising: ​ ACM along with municipal allies across the US supported a motion to stay the FCC’s Third Report and Order in Federal Court last week. The stay mot

Happy Thanksgiving from ACM!

I feel fortunate to be spending my Thanksgiving this week with family. The holiday is an opportunity for us to celebrate all the people and moments for which we are thankful.

ACM Board of Directors

The ACM Board of Directors met last week at CAN TV Studios in Chicago – the city that will host next year’s National Conference. The Board’s business included approving a 2020 budget which will continue to support ACM’s Public Policy and Legal work a

ACM North East Conference Recap

I’m just back from the ACM North East Conference which took place last week in Portland ME. It was a great event in all sorts of ways – presentations from vendors, a keynote from Maine artist Robert Shetterly about his portraits of freedom (American

ACM Joins Others for FCC Appeal

The Alliance for Community Media joined with municipalities, cable commissions and other groups to file an appeal of the FCC’s so-called “in-kind” order on cable franchising this last week in DC District Court. We expect that other cities and count

ACM Community News

The Central States Conference and Philo Awards just wrapped up this past week at WKTV Community Media in Wyoming Michigan. The star of the event was WKTV itself. I’ve been to neighboring GRCMC in Grand Rapids but have never tak

Motion Filed for FCC to Stay Cable Franchising Order

Our colleagues at NATOA along with the National League of Cities, US Conference of Mayors, and several other municipal associations filed a motion with the FCC to stay its cable franchising order this last week

ACM Supports State of Maine in NCTA v Frey

ACM has filed an amicus brief in court supporting the State of Maine as it fights the national cable industry to ensure that PEG channels are not subject to discrimination by cable providers.

Organizational Change in Community Media

I’m passing on a couple of interesting stories about organizational change in community media – and wonder if similar stories lie ahead.

A Look Into Maine's Fight Against the Cable Industry

Does the First Amendment give cable companies the right to degrade signals from community PEG channels to make them unwatchable? Or to eliminate or rewrite program information about the channels themselves? We don’t think so.