ACM Committees & Task Forces


This committee works with staff to oversee ACM's annual awards process. Upon closure of the nomination/application time period, the committee reviews all submissions and makes a recommendation of recipients to the National Board.

    ○ The Emerging Leader Award
    ○ The Dirk Koning – George Stoney Award for Humanistic Communication
    ○ The Sue Buske Leadership Award
    ○ The Jewell Ryan-White Award for Cultural Diversity

Scholarships (This is a Foundation of the Alliance for Community activity)
    ○ Brian Wilson Scholarship
    ○ Grassroots Scholarship


This committee is established by the ACM’s National Board Chair. This is not a standing committee. It only sits when required. When called upon, the Bylaws Committee provides interpretation and coordinates any potential modification of the ACM Bylaws.


The Communications Committee is a project-oriented work group for those with interests in communication-based projects. This committee is established as needed to increase staff capacity and to accept work assignments. Which may include but not be limited to the distribution of news, information, and public policy matters via the ACM website, newsletter, social media & other communications platforms.

Fund Development

This committee is charged with developing fundraising strategy and engaging donors who can contribute financially to the Alliance for Community Media as well as identifying other fundraising methods. This committee works hand and hand with ACM staff.


The Inclusion, Equity and Engagement (IEE) Caucus is open to any member who wants to participate. No appointment or election is necessary. This is a caucus of the ACM that exists to make recommendations to the ACM Board of Directors on policies and practices to ensure that no individual is discriminated against within the organization. Click here to learn more about this committee 

Member Outreach

The Member Outreach Committee is not a standing committee but is rather more of a project-oriented task force who works to develop and expand the network and membership in the ACM. This committee focuses on member recruitment and retention.


This is an appointed committee comprised of seven individuals; two ACM Board members and five people from the membership are selected by the committee Chair. This committee is charged with tapping into their network and identifying potential candidates for board and committee service. They also prepare a preferred slate of candidates for the at-large election for the National Board of Directors.

Committee Member Expectations

As a committee member you should be able to make a contribution and provide support of the Mission with the following desirable skills:

  • Demonstrate understanding of ACM
  • Interests and abilities
  • Becoming an Ambassador of the Organization, which may include
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal contributions of expertise
  • Adding content and meaning to the vision
  • Marketing, Education and Outreach of the ACM and its activities to outside organizations and individuals
  • Knowledge of current technology as it relates to PEG
  • Time Commitment

    • Attend scheduled and other meetings via telephone conference call and face-to-face meetings
    • Attend to the business and programs of the committee
    • Preparation and filing of any needed reports