Inclusion, Equity & Engagement Caucus

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ACM is for ALL

Welcome to the Inclusion, Equity, and Engagement (IEE) Caucus! We’ve been work-ing as supporters and members of the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) for over 35 years. Our caucus serves to make recommendations to the ACM Board of Directors on policies and practices to make sure each individual has the opportunity to participate within the organization.

An important aspect of our collective work is providing resources to promote inclusion, equity, and engagement within the ACM and our members’ organizations. 

IEE caucus seeks to:
  • share knowledge
  • monitor issues of topical concerns 
  • locate relevant resources and 
  • author IEE caucus perspective articles and videos    

Please check out links to articles, websites, and supportive organizations.
Our ongoing work includes annual caucus meeting and monthly task force gatherings. IEE Caucus is open to all ACM members and provides a place to share concerns, suggestions, and resources. Envisioned as a safe place for discussion and networking, IEE Caucus responsibilities focus on reaching and representing our entire ACM communities; expanding outreach to include, inspire, and encourage continued successful practices; and exploring new venues for connecting and communicating.  Key attributes of our work are:

  • Safety: protecting participants through age level understanding and appropriate boundaries 
  • Respect: supporting individuals and communities in their own identities, cultures, and perspectives
  • Equity: encouraging fairness and justice
  • Inclusion: ensuring that representation is open, that barriers to participation are removed, and that diversity is valued as vital and transformative for organizations and communities.


The IEE Caucus welcomes your involvement in this shared work. Please check out the videos, articles, and links and join our conversations on Facebook at Alliance for Community Media.

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