PEG Virtual Meetups 

It’s been great connecting with community media organizations in different states the past few weeks through our State Meetups. We’ll be continuing the series this week. If you are in the following states, join us.
The Meetups are meant to be a networking opportunity for folks working at PEG channels in your state.  Please let other people in your organization know about the opportunity. If you’d like to see a Meet Up in your state, let us know by sending an email to 

T-MinuS 22 

I hope you have this year’s National Virtual Conference marked on your calendar – the event starts in just over three weeks on June 29!  We’ll have speakers and workshops on three days along with regional and national membership gatherings. Since we’ll be virtual across four US time zones, the event will take place 12-5pm ET.  

Register today and take advantage of the group and member registration discounts!