President's Message | OCTOBER 5, 2020

Community Media Day! October 20

It’s still not too late to organize an activity or promote Community Media Day next Tuesday, October 20. 

This is the fifth year that community media organizations are celebrating the event – and even though this has been a hard year for most all of us, there is plenty to celebrate.  An amazing dedication to serving local people and helping folks out in a time of need, great resilience, creativity and ingenuity all come to mind. 

Community Media Day comes in the midst of Free Speech Week in the US – and if you want ideas to adapt in your community as part of the celebration, go to and 

Earned Income Solutions Wednesday, October 14

 There’s also still time to sign up for our workshop this Wednesday (10/14) on Earned Income Solutions – we’ll be talking with three PEG operations that have been growing their earned income in the last few years and we’ll talk about approaches they’ve taken and things you should consider as you grow income through your mission work. 

Click here to sign up and I hope to see you this week! 

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media