PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | september 15, 2020


It’s my birthday on Tuesday – and I’m celebrating.  I’m taking the day off – I’ll go for a morning swim, maybe go for a hike and later have a nice romantic meal with my wife.  

But the gift I’m going to make is a donation to the ACM Foundation to support the work we are doing training leaders in community media.  

Your gifts this past year to the Foundation have helped us reduce the price of admission to the Emerging Leaders Institute to $200 per person (and there’s still space available to sign up for the October trainings! Go here to sign up for this fantastic training with Paula Manley and Toni Tabora-Roberts. 

What I want to do with my gift this year is support NEXT YEAR’s training.  Will you join me?  Click here and make your tax-deductible gift to support our leadership development work in 2021!    

Thanks for helping me celebrate!
September 16 Workshop Small Operations
Our 2020 training events ramp up with a session this week that’s designed to support small operations – which have particular needs and challenges – and will turn later this month for a workshop on practical ways to build better Boards of Directors to be a vital resource for organizations. 

And later this week, we’ll hear from our partner Telvue as they talk about ways to expand viewership and accessibility with automation. 

You can still register for workshops throughout the fall – but our Partner Presentations are free to anyone interested in attending!  

Click here to sign up for workshops through November – and find out more about our Partner Presentations here. 

Thinking of the West Coast 


I hope all our friends and colleagues on the West Coast are safe and taking as best care as they can for themselves and their families right now.  

I know many of our members are also supporting their communities with vital information about the wildfires and smoke events in their areas, so it needs to be said – thank you for doing what you can to help others in times of need. Be safe! 

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media