President's Message | June 10, 2019

Free Press President Calls Out FCC's Actions

In case you missed it, Free Press President & CEO Craig Aaron gave a stirring defense of community media and called out the FCC's action in the FNPRM of cable franchising at last week's Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the state of the video marketplace.

Testimony and video of the hearing is here. Craig Aaron's statement comes at about 1:31:00 into the video.

Expect more questions about the FNPRM at this week's FCC Oversight Hearing in the Committee on Wednesday.

MACTA Conference in St Paul, MN

If you're in Minnesota, I hope to see you at the MACTA Conference in Saint Paul this Thursday. 
Fun fact: the organization is holding its conference in the building where my former company SPNN used to be housed; the Saint Paul Union Depot.  I spent too many days and nights crawling around the crumbling remains of this glorious building.  It's a treat that it's been restored and that I'll be seeing Minnesota PEG colleagues there as well!