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Resilient Organizations: The Future of Community Media

Published March 13, 2017

Resilient Organizations: The Future of Community Media

I just spent a couple of very interesting days in Fresno at the ACM West Conference.  My thanks to Jerry Lee and all the great folks at CMAC for their hospitality and enthusiasm hosting the conference. They are a great example of a community media service that is truly in touch with their community.

On Friday, I gave a keynote presentation on the Future of Community Media.  You can watch the video of my full remarks, plus questions and answers afterwards.

I outlined factors that will affect our success and significant challenges that lie ahead – and the need for our organizations to adapt and be resilient if we believe our missions should endure.

What’s does this kind of sustainability mean for your organization? Here are a couple of measuring sticks I suggested:

  • 30 Percent Rule: to avoid risk and be sustainable over time, organizations should try to have no single source of revenue be more than 30% of total revenues.
  • 25 Percent Rule: to be sustainable, organizations should try to have at least 25% of expenses on furthering their mission – by funding research, governance, fund development, public relations, external communications and general administration.

Most of us aren’t there, but we can be if we build capacity and adaptability into our work.  I believe you have the ability to build that adaptability into your organizations, and ACM is here to help make that happen.

Several people asked for the video and presentation to show to their Boards of Directors following the talk. You have the link above, and let me know if you want to an outline of the remarks!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO of ACM

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