Closed Captioning Requirements for PEG Channels
Wednesday, February 22  | 3:00 – 4:00 pm EST

There’s a lot of confusing rules about Closed Captioning for PEG Channels. What does the FCC require?  What are your obligations under the American with Disabilities Act? We’ll help you navigate through the FCC and other Federal requirements so you can make the best decisions to help your community whether you are a non-profit, local government or school district providing PEG services.

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2017 webinar schedule:
February 22: Closed captioning Requirements
March 8
: Closed Captioning Solutions (tentative)
March 22: Partnerships with Libraries
April 12: Ethnic Press and PEG
April 26: Starting a Fundraising Program
May 10: Journalism Partnerships
May 24: Equipment Planning (tentative)
June 14: Strategic Planning
August 9: Radio Development and Partnerships
September 13: Multiplatform Distribution (tentative)
September 27: Youth and Civic Engagement
October 11: Starting Youth Programs
October 25: Advocacy for NonProfits and Government Agencies
November 15: Workflow and Storage Planning (tentative)     

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