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A Colbert Bump?

Posted July 6, 2015

There’s some promising talent on display this month on MPACT in Monroe, MI.

Comic and national talk show host Stephen Colbert travelled to Monroe to guest host MPACT’s monthly public affairs community talk show Only in Monroe. Here’s the YouTube link if you’re not watching it locally in Monroe:

Sure, it was a promotional bit for Colbert before he launches this new show this fall. And yes, it’s a chance to spoof really awful TV interviewers as he obtusely chats with Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem). But there’s also an honest charm as he talks and plays with the MPACT hosts. And it’s a useful reminder that national television and local broadcast television has a hard time capturing local small town life. But PEG gets it. It’s why our national awards are called the Hometown Awards after all. We understand local communities.

MPACT has received close to four million hits for the guest appearance. Here’s hoping for a Colbert Bump for community access – in Michigan and beyond.

Hometown Television in Maine

It was a great pleasure to meet with the folks at Community Television Association of Maine ( at their annual meeting in Belfast, ME this past week. I had a chance to update members on policy work in Washington D.C., talk about other work ACM is leading and listened to station’s concerns, including questions about the possible Charter takeover of Time Warner Cable. Most of the PEG operations in Maine are small and reflect the unique local character of Maine, and we want to help these small operations succeed. A big thank you to Sally Ann Hebert and all the CTAM Board of Directors for the invite! I’m looking forward to working with all your members!

CTAM Annual Meeting






And Speaking of Small Towns

ACM NY’s Maryann Arrien has produced a documentary on why small towns benefit from PEG community television. I talked with her about the subject while she made the piece, and you can see the interview here (For that matter, download to show on your channel!)…

Early Bird Expires July 20

We’re just two weeks away from the Early Bird Registration Discount Deadline for the ACM National Conference in Pasadena. Be sure to take advantage of the discount savings and join us!