Event News

Webinar: “PEG media implications in the Comcast Time Warner Charter deals” Monday, May 12, at 3pm ET

ACM members benefited from a rich discussion on copyright and fair use laws last Tuesday, when Kohel Haver and Pat Aufderheide shared their considerable expertise on the subject with the ACM webinar audience.  (Recording available here).

The content of their talk is worth reviewing carefully because of the meticulous guidance our presenters offered in fair use cases regarding use of videos, music, images, and all forms of media.

Patricia Aufderheide, Professor of Communication Studies at American University in Washington, D.C., is the author of “Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright” and founded the Center for Media and Social Impact at AU.  She led off the discussion with a detailed explanation of the nature of Fair Use, a subject she is deeply involved with at many levels including teaching, writing, and contributing to treatises on best use of fair use.

Kohel Haver is an attorney who advises artists and community media organizations on copyright law, and wrote the most recent original Copyright Guidelines for the ACM.  His legal perspective — which he was careful to say should NOT be construed as legal advice — included guidances on some cases very relevant to the work of many access centers.

The ACM Webinar series is a free benefit of ACM membership.  The next one is on “PEG media implications in the Comcast Time Warner Charter deals”, and starts Monday, May 12, at 3pm ET.  ACM’s Public Policy Advocate Mike Wassenaar will lead the discussion.  Register here.

Next month’s ACM Webinar will be a discussion on Net Neutrality. Watch the ACM newsletter and listserve for time and registration details.