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Local-access cable shows are sharpening their focus- Public-access programs sharpen with advances in technology, funding

By Steven A. Rosenberg

On a recent evening inside a cavernous former bank in downtown Brockton, Manuel Andrade sat down in front of three studio cameras and taped his 782d cable-access show in Creole.

That same week, Joe Lynch arrived at a former fire station in Union Square to interview Attorney General Martha Coakley, a gubernatorial candidate, on Somerville Community Access TV.

In Newton, Jenn Adams delivered details of Mayor Setti Warren’s proposed budget as she read from a teleprompter on NewTV.

It has been 42 years since a landmark decision by the Federal Communications Commission created public access channels, opening the door to free speech advocates and anyone with the gumption and time to air a TV show for free on local cable.

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