Promoting Innovation and Competition in the Provision of Multichannel Video Programming Distribution Services

May 23, 2016

ACM Letter 16-42

March 31, 2016

ACM ACD Comments in DN 16-41

Appendices A-B

March 21, 2016

Letter Template 16-41

Comments Template 16-41

March 4, 2016

ACM Brief on FCC 16-42

ACM Brief on FCC 16-41

ACM Brief on FCC 16-17


July 28, 2015

FCC Approves AT&T DirecTV Merger

April 2, 2015

Click here to view the reply comments for MB Docket No. 14-261 that were filed on behalf of the Alliance for Community Media.

March 31, 2015

ACM will be posting Reply Comments to the FCC this week on its Notice of Proposed Rule Making on how and whether to treat Over-The-Top television as Multichannel Video Program Distributors.   We believe the proceeding is important for the future of our industry.  You can find our initial comments here.

AT&T and DirecTV Merger

January 9, 2015 Update:

Click here to view reply comments in the FCC AT&T/DirecTV transfer proceeding that were filed on behalf of ACM, ACD and Common Cause.

September 16, 2014 Update:

Press Release on AT &T and DirecTV Merger

View the Petition

ACM is encouraging all community media organizations to file comments in the AT&T DirecTV merger proceeding.   The deadline for initial comments is September 16 at MIDNIGHT ET.

We have prepared a template for comments and instructions for filing for all members, PEG operations, local franchising authorities and other groups concerned about whether the public interest is served in the merger.   Please contact Mike Wassenaar at or 612-298-3805 to receive a copy of the template for your comments.

You can also listen to an webinar on this and other FCC proceedings here:

 Comcast and Time Warner Merger

January 9, 2015 Update:

Click here to view the reply comments in the FCC Comcast/TWC transfer proceeding that was filed on behalf of the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the Alliance for Communications Democracy (ACD)

August 25, 2014 Update:

Click here to view the comments and merger conditions proposed by the Alliance for Community Media and the Alliance for Communications Democracy

Comment Period for FCC MB Docket No. 14-57, regarding the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, is now open. Reply comments are due by 7:00 PM Eastern, August 25, 2014.

Electronic Filing Instructions Power Point

Electronic Filing Instructions PDF

FCC Website’s electronic comment filing system (ECFS)

If you would like to use the Comcast-Time Warner merger comments template or have questions, please contact:

Mike Wassenaar
ACM Public Policy Advocate


August 20, 2012 Update

Now’s Your Chance to Tell the FCC About PEG Programming in Your Community

The FCC has released a Notice of Inquiry that “solicits data, information, and comment on the state of competition in the delivery of video programming for the Commission’s Fifteenth Report.”  The goal of the inquiry is “to enhance [the Commission’s] analysis of competitive conditions, better understand the implications for the American consumer, and provide a solid foundation for Commission policy making with respect to the delivery of video programming to consumers.”  As such, the Commission is encouraging “thorough and substantive submissions from industry participants, as well as state and local regulators with knowledge of the issues raised.”

The Commission is seeking information on a number of issues directly related to local PEG operations.  It is vitally important that PEG operators from across the country submit comments so that the Commission is provided with a full and complete picture of the status of PEG programming.

NATOA, ACM and ACT are providing our members with a template they may use to submit comments to the FCC.  It is not necessary to answer all the questions posed, or to even use this template.  Rather, the goal is to tell the Commission about PEG services in your community.  TELL YOUR STORY – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Comments are due September 10; Reply Comments are due October 10.

Along with the comments template are instructions on how to file your responses with the Commission.  Also attached is the Notice of Inquiry.  All of these documents are available on our websites.

If you don’t tell the Commission about PEG programming in your community, no one will – except your cable operators!  Act today.

FCC Notice of Inquiry

PEG Comment Template

EGTV – Ross Rowe Filing Example

Northampton Community TV – P. Al Williams Filing Example

ACM Comments


The FCC issued “The Information Needs of Communities” and the report is available at: The ACM’s Sylvia Strobel attended the briefing for the report at Columbia University and compiled a summary of the report’s recommendations.

The ACM staff has been working with members of the FCC in preparation of this report for the last year, and we especially thank our members for their comments and interviews with FCC staff. The suggested actions in the report are many, and the ACM will be launching several new programs in the coming months to parlay those recommendations into new business opportunities. The ACM Annual Conference in Tucson was a key starting point, as representatives from cable, public radio, LPFM, commercial broadcasting, social media, and the foundation community will be on hand to discuss “Innovation” for community media.

ACM PEG Petition

Model letter to FCC on ACM Petition

ACM Basic Service Tier Filing (11/28/11)

Original ACM Petition to the FCC (January 2009)