Policy & Advocacy

Advocacy is part of the Alliance for Community Media’s (ACM) core mission. As a national organization, the Alliance for Community Media takes positions on policy issues important to community media organizations and individuals. We encourage you to support the preservation and advancement of local programming in the communications industry.

Community Media operations are supported through a number of funding sources, with almost every center having its own formulae.  Funding sources include: franchise fees (operations and capital), PEG support payments above and beyond franchise fees (traditionally limited to capital support only), and fundraising by individual centers including grants (typically used for operations).

Many of the traditional arrangements were upended through state franchise legislation that has led to little if any additional consumer choice or price reductions, but has dramatically undercut the number of cable channels and community media centers.

The CAP Act, HR 1746 (link to CAP Act Materials) would return support for community media to before these state laws were passed that have failed to meet their promises to consumers.