Membership List

We’ve created a membership list to help you check your status of membership, and easily access your member ID!

Member List

The Membership list is organized by:

1. Organizational Members – in alpha order by company/organization name. Only the primary contact is listed (the voting member), representing the organization’s membership (membership ID is same for all secondary members). All employees of an organizational member receive member discounts to our events and educational programs. If you are an employee of an organization, it does not necessarily mean our records have you listed as such. Each year with renewals we ask the primary contact to provide us with the list of current employees who plan to use member benefits, such as receiving the weekly newsletter. If you are an employee of an organizational ACM member and are NOT currently receiving member benefits, let us know and we can add you to our list.

2. Individual Members – in alpha order by last name. This starts approximately around page 20 of the list. You might see some individuals listed who also have an organizational membership. These members opted to have an individual membership in order to receiving voting rights with the ACM. Thank you for your support and participation!

3. Supporter Members – in alpha order by last name. Supporter members will be the last couple pages on the list.

ACM values all of our members and greatly appreciates their support and commitment to our alliance. ACM Memberships are on an anniversary basis and are valid for one year from your join date.  Since membership dates vary for companies and individuals, sometimes membership renewals are overlooked or missed.  We always send reminders and dues renewals when memberships are close to their expiration date.

Didn’t see your organization or name? Renew your membership today!

Are you a Community or Affiliate member? Why aren’t those member types on the list?
These membership types help keep individuals in-the-know by receiving frequent ACM communications such as our regular electronic newsletter. They do not receive the member benefit of discounts, or “member rates” to any events or education sessions.