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Weekly News From the President: Comments Update on FCC’s Cable Franchise

Here’s a Thanksgiving Week Thank You:

Thanks to all our members and allies who filed initial comments in the FCC’s Rule Making Procedure on Cable Franchising – there were thousands of comments filed on the FCC’s website. You can take at look at some here.

When you look at legal arguments in the docket there were only three groups that supported the FCC’s positions on franchise fees and its definition of “in-kind” support: Verizon, NCTA (the national cable lobby) and American Cable Association – which represents small cable systems.

Here’s a compilation of legal arguments filed so far by PEG organizations, local governments and our allies and ACM’s comments.

What’s the next step? ACM will be analyzing the comments and forming a reply for our industry that will be submitted by December 14. If you want to file comments, or get supporting organizations to support our work, please do by that deadline. Email me at if you would like a reply comment template.

ACM member Debby Rogers in Falmouth, MA made a great suggestion about engaging religious and faith organizations in your community to file reply comments in the docket. I can provide a template for that as well if you want to do that outreach in the next few weeks.

If you have time, check out Martin Jones and Sabrina Roach’s podcast on Radio Survivor covering “The FCC’s Effort To Decimate Community Media”.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media