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Weekly News From the President: Initial Comments to FCC’s Cable Franchise Proceeding Due This Wednesday

Initial Comments to FCC’s Cable Franchise Proceeding Due This Wednesday

A couple quick reminders about the FCC’s proceeding on cable franchising:

Initial comments are due on Wednesday 11/14.  ACM and NATOA will be filing separate sets of comments, as will other organizations across the country.   If you cannot meet this deadline, you can support ACM’s comments with your own by December 14.  

We think it’s important to make sure the FCC has a record of the value of the work going on in your communities.  We will also be making legal arguments about their interpretation of the Cable Act.

I distributed templates last month you can use for your organization’s comments as well as a sample letter you can use for elected officials to express their opinions about the FNPRM.  If you need these, please contact me directly at mwassenaar@allcommunitymedia.org (they are not available on the website for security purposes).

I will pass along ACM’s comments in the next couple days as we file.  We are also preparing for the next stage in the process and will be setting up ex parte meetings with Commissioners and FCC staff in January.  We expect a rule making sometime this spring and will weigh our legal options when it comes forward.

ACM 2019 Conference Planning & Grassroots Scholarship

As you’re thinking about wrapping up your year’s end activities, I want to put in a word or two for ideas to consider for 2019.

A member asked me recently when ACM will be opening up our registration for the 2019 National Conference in Portland, OR (July 10-12).  We are planning to open Early Bird registrations this spring and won’t have a December registration period this year to save on staffing costs.  However, IF you have extra budget funds this year and want to register, please contact our staff so we can help you with this “problem.”

The ACM Foundation is putting together a Community Media Leadership Institute on July 8 & 9 in Portland to support the growth of new leaders across the country who will lead the development of community media in the decades to come.  The Institute will be led by Paula Manley and Toni Tabora Roberts.

The cost of the training will be $1,100 and we will start taking reservations in the coming month, but we will also be doing fundraising to expand our Grassroots Scholarship program to support seven young leaders from around the country who cannot afford this type of training.
We’ll be asking folks to support this leadership class on Giving Tuesday, November 27, so please mark your calendars and consider supporting this next generation of leaders!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media