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Weekly News From the President: Community Media Covering Local Elections

All Politics is Local
We’re hours away from Election Day 2018 and I’m reminded of all the work our members do across the country covering local elections and providing a vital forum for local candidates. National issues are increasingly marking our politics, but Tip O’Neill was right: all politics is local. Without local coverage from people like you, our institutions become weaker.

Submitted Proposals for the 2019 National Conference

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for speakers at the 2019 National Conference and Trade Show in Portland, OR next summer! Lots of great ideas from folks around the country who’ll be coming to Portland on July 10-12. The conference committee will look them over and be back in touch by early January.

ACM West Region Conference & Trade Show

Speaking of January, I’m penciling in a visit to the ACM West Region Conference in Long Beach, CA late that month. The line up and venue look great. Take a look and join your colleagues in Southern California in January (this Minnesotan knows the value of the mid-winter getaway!). Group discounts are available!


Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media