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Weekly News From the President: Encourage Your Senators to Sign Edward Markey’s Letter

Encourage Your Senators to Sign US Senator Edward Markey’s Letter in Support of Community Media

US Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts knows community media and why it exists.  He was on the House committee that helped enact the 1984 Cable Act that supported PEG across the United States.  That’s why he’s outraged at the actions of the Federal Communications Commission to destabilize communities in its FNPRM on Cable Franchising.

Among other things, the rulemaking proposes to define “in-kind” support so broadly it will allow cable companies to deduct just about ANY support against franchise fees – thus defunding municipalities AND community television.

Senator Markey is trying to organize Democratic US Senators to support a letter to the FCC disapproving of the proposed rulemaking.  ACM wants to thank him for the effort. He’s been a champion of our cause for many years!  Here are the Senators who so far have agreed to sign on to the Markey letter:

  • Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI)
  • Senator Ben Cardin (MD)
  • Senator Maggie Hassan (NH)
  • Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow (MI)
  • Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden (OR)
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (VT)

I want to thank all the ACM members who’ve been contacting their US Senators about signing on, but we need more!  Please contact your US Senator about joining Senator Markey’s effort to oppose the FNPRM.  You may notice some Democratic Senators who are not on the list!

If you need assistance or background information about the FNPRM, please let me know by email at mwassenaar@allcommunitymedia.org.

ACM is working with NATOA to give our members a comment template you can use in the rulemaking.  Expect to see it this week.  We’ll also send you sample letters you can get from your local lawmakers about the rulemaking to enter into the record.  Expect those this week as well!

Thank you!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media