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Weekly News From the President: Community Media Day is this Saturday

Community Media Day is this Saturday
I hope everyone has a great Community Media Day this Saturday, October 20th!

The State of Massachusetts has proclaimed the day (thanks for this Bob Kelly!). If your community is celebrating, let us know by sending an email to 1020@communitymediaday.com.

ACM Northeast and Central States Regional Conferences
My thanks to everyone who attended the ACM Northeast Region Conference at Proctors in Schenectady, NY this past week. It was great to connect with folks in the area and see the great work of developing community that Proctors and Open Stage Media have been doing to revitalize the city. It was definitely worth the visit!

I wasn’t quite convinced I would enjoy the keynotes of the conference, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival. They are pretty funny, but what endeared them to me was their description of pranking morning TV “news” with increasingly ludicrous fictitious guests. They were eventually sued for fraud by Gray Broadcasting after their “fake strongman duo” Chop and Steele appeared on WEAU in Eau Claire, WI. The case was eventually settled, after it was clear that no one at the station actually did any fact-checking (the duo claimed they had won America’s Got Talent). You can see highlights of Chop and Steele here and hear their apology.

I will be talking about closed caption rules at the Colorado Utility & Community Alliance later this week in Littleton, CO and will talk about public policy concerns at the ACM Central States Conference next week in Alliance, OH – I hope to see you then!

Public Access Channel Hearing with US Supreme Court
Late last week we found out the US Supreme Court will be hearing arguments in the case of Manhattan Community Access Corp vs. Halleck. The case revolves around whether a public access channel run by a private operator (in this case Manhattan Neighborhood Network) can be treated as a state actor and be held responsible for First Amendment violations of a producer.

It’s a potentially important case that we are monitoring. We will give you updates on arguments as they are heard this session.

FCC’s Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Cable Franchising
The FCC’s Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Cable Franchising was published in the Federal Register today, October 15. So we now know the deadline for comments (November 14) and replies (December 14).

ACM is preparing templates you can use for your own comments and those of elected officials in this proceeding. Expect to get them next week.

Acadiana Open Channel on SNL
On a lighter note, ACM member organization Acadiana Open Channel made it on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

No, really. Here’s proof.

SNL is known for satire…my guess is those accents aren’t real.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media