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Weekly News From the President: Support ACM’s Panels for SXSW

Support ACM’s Proposals for SXSW

ACM has put together two panel proposals for the SXSW education conference in Austin, TX for spring 2019.  It’s part of our effort to promote community media to different communities across the country.  SXSW has a voting procedure to help select panels and we’d like you to help us by clicking on the links below and selecting “up-vote” for our panels.

To vote for our panels, up-vote both our Building Equity in Media panel and the Reinventing Community Media Centers panel. Hopefully we’ll be presenting both this spring!

Study Finds Media Deserts for Local Media Content

Phil Napoli at Duke University has issued an interesting report on the state of local news and news deserts across the United States. The study finds that almost 20% of local media outlets carry NO LOCAL CONTENT.

Further, it found some particular characteristics that may be useful to community media work:

  • Media deserts were more pronounced in communities NEAR a major media market.  This would mean for certain suburban and exurban communities, the need for local news may be comparatively greater than other types of communities.
  • Larger proportions of Hispanic/Latino communities had little access to robust journalism.

The work helps buttress the argument for structural changes in how we create local media and news, and it’s useful as you make your case to invest more in local content.  Take a look.

Antoine Haywood Begins New Endeavors

Lastly, I want to wish a fond farewell and send congratulations to  Foundation of ACM board member and longtime community media advocate and leader, Antoine Haywood, who has left his full-time position at PhillyCAM to enter the Ph.D. program at the Annenberg School of Communications at Penn University.

Antoine will be working with our field as an academic. While he will be missed by the folks in Philadelphia, he’ll still be a part of the larger community across the country!

Fare winds, my friend!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media