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Weekly News From the President: Mike’s Summer Reading List

Here are some things on my summer reading list from this last week I want to share (not everything here is meant for the beach however!):

  • Late last week the New York PSC announced that it was revoking its approval of the Time Warner Cable sale to Charter/Spectrum because of Charter’s repeated broken promises on building our broadband service to New Yorkers.  The best summary I’ve seen of the action is from Jon Brodkin in Ars Technica: NY threatens to kick Charter out of the state after broadband failures.What might this mean?  Possibly forcing Charter to sell its New York operations to another provider.
  • The Listening Post Collective did a very interesting community information assessment for Puerto Rico after last year’s hurricane that details what communities need for local information.  It’s a fascinating read and points to ways other communities can be determining future directions: PA’LANTE: An Assessment of Information Needs in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

And if you’d rather have some summer viewing vs. reading, check out what MetroEast Community Media in Gresham, OR put together to show the importance of winning the Hometown Media Awards from the eyes of their members and students: MetroEast Volunteers Go National.

Stay cool!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media